Week 3-5 Andman Islands & Nicobar, a working studio

It’s not everyday you have a friend from school, that buys land, on the Andman islands, located in the Bengal Bay, planning to start a working studio. So when your asked to do the digital strategy, you say yes, pack your bag and check out the premises.

And there i was thinking i should be able to work from there. Well, the satelite internet has a lot left to wish for, and i barley managed to finish the assignments i was already working on, so there we go, yes theres a need for a propper working studio in paradise. Paradise works!

  • Emil Ems

    I know what you are talking about. Spent two weeks on Gran Canaria recently. Trying to get my blog going kept me awake at night. Only after midnight was bandwith large enough to permit me to upload text, pictures and videos to internet!!