Week 48 Cest tres populár

Proud to present, GeekGirlMeetup was featured in the leading Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter wednesday last week, with almost 70 hits per minute during lunch time, and hundreds of comments, and still the top ten after a week, that is what DN calls, popular.

The title was changed a few times, and from GeekGirls Sweeet Revenge(.jpg), loosley miss-interpreted to Sweet Geek Girls Revenge(.jpg). It was later, more correctly called, “The Dream Network (.jpg)” on the front side of the economy section.

With no one to take revenge upon, we are happy about the the article as it communicates the our aim with new networks and local rolemodels within internet, code and startups and creating the future we need and want for women in the tech scene.

  • Lina Thomsgård at Rättviseförmedlingen also added us up on the list of internetexperts, entrepreneurs for seminars, panels and juries. Thank you @LinaT!
  • 2 students from the University are writing their final thesis about GeekGirlMeetup as a phenomenon, exciting! More about this later.


  • I am remembering how important it is to use your your fear constructively after discussions with musican Rebekka Karijord, who adresses it more like “Wear it like a crown“, and yet did this fantastic interpretation of my favourite “Smells like teen spirit”.
  • (And i promise to never be late for dinner again)

  • The Egyptian election makes me remeber my visit to Egypt with the Swedish Institute. To sum it up im linking in Måns Adlers startup, Bambuser tweet on the democratic importance of his start up service Bambuser.

  • I also cant seem to forget the Harrasmap that both me and Joakim Jardenberg listened to as we were both speaking at the YLVP´s Cairo Social Media Cafe this passed month. @jocke sums it up really well.

Jardenberg also disses the new apps for the iPad, by the major Swedish Media houses, and wether i agree or not I am suggesting some Margret Wheatly reading of  for the people in charge of the apps, preferably Leadership and the new Science.


@brokep micro finance focused startup Flattr makes it possible to donate to whatever you like.

[Edit: this is not avaliable anymore, as Flattr was based on a Paypal Plugin. More about that at TechChrunch, via The Guardian]

Nominee #5 Anna Oscarsson – multitalent and changemaker

Today I am nominating Kaospilot, Anna Oscarsson to Tillväxtverkets Advisoryboard. Anna is a witty young entrepreneur, CEO of Kvittar.se and has creative and strategic qualities I´m shure that the Advisoryboard would appreshiate. Anna is also the girl who started GeekGirlMeetup in Malmö, and one of the first to live-stream from the Pirate-bay trial, she knows her communications and tech. Kudos!

Do you think you should be on the list, nominate yourself or someone you think should be nominated at Tillväxtverket. Go for it!

The kidds are allright! #1 #2

Yesterday I nominated my previous assitant Josephine Sivertzen 21, to the Tillväxtverket and Vinnova Advisoryboard nomination, that is to advise them on how to suppport young peoples innovation. It’s open until the 30th of November, nominate here!

I nominated Josephine due to the fact that she worked for me as an asstistant during my time at SYRUP in Stockholm, and helped me with my projects RunAlong.se and GeekGirlMeetup. The young dudette is a whitty writer, a clever thinker and she understands social media and the art of a good story.

Today I nominted Anton Johansson, 21, BizDev, strategy and communication at the brilliant start-up Twingly. Right now he´s also an aspiring e-commerce entrepreneur with Headler.se. This young dude has the energy of few, is an idea-generator like few and always has the finger on the tech pulse.

Week 46 – Conference week: Topp 100, to SIME, to GeekGirlMeetup

Martin Deinoff på Creuna

A selection of intresting stuff from week 46.

  1. INTERNET TOPP 100 with Binero– the best sites in Sweden 2010. Read more about it at Bineros Blogg.

  2. SIME with Binero, and here a few takeaways
    “Skype makes you cry, Facebook doesn’t” SIME10 day 1

    ”Every customer that comes in, is a potential journalist”
    – SIME2010 dag 2

    Tillväxtverket and Vinnova invites the future bright minds of tomorrow (read: you!) to a user driven Advisory Board. Take your chance to help them out during the forthcomming year, they are looking for a wide uptake of of people from sweden.
    Do you know a bright mind between 18-30? Let them know, or nominate yourself! (yes, don’t be shy now).
    We managed to do it again, and this time we´re thinking “oh my god what have we done?” as the organisation keeps spreading organically, not only in Sweden but to Copenhagen in Denmark, and soon Mexico. Im proud to be a GeekGirl, my love for technology has taken me far. Thanks dad and mom for buying me a computer and a barbie, and not only a barbie.

Dialogue and API´s as a tool for change

The Swedish Institute asked me to go to Alexandria in Egypt, to host a keynote talk on tech tendencies in we that i see, for the *Young Leadership Visitors Programme. I chose to talk API´s as enabling tools for social entrepreneurship and user-driven services, and the benefits from opening up information for the users, for society, goverments and for entreprenurs. This way users and programmers/entreprenurs could create possiblities for change, and solutions for their direct needs faster, and hopefully serve other citizens needs, and possibly earn money on, in this case, as we see it, apps or new user-driven services.

Meeting the participants in the YLVP programme, a creme-de-la-creme of young future orientated players from the MENA region have given me a reality check, due their hard work to keep blogging, communicating and creating democratic possibilities for young people in the region.

I also talked about GeekGirlMeetup, and the organic growth of the organization in Sweden, it’s loose organization, holding the flag high with organizers and sponsors. After my stay in Egypt I’m off to Copenhagen where the first GeekGirlMeetup.com outside Sweden is being held by Henriette Weber.

* The Swedish Institute Young Leaders Visitors Program
The Swedish Institute Young Leaders Visitors Program (YLVP) is an intercultural leadership program with focus on social media as a tool for positive change. The program invites young opinion makers from Sweden and selected countries in the MENA region who are actively working for social change in their respective contexts.

#entrepreneur #unplugged by Disruptive.nu

Christian Rudolf asked me to tell my story about RunAlong and our new API at his entrepreneurial tweetup along with Jonas Lejon of Bloggy.se and Stefan Mahlstein from Wordon. Rudolph wanted to tell the stories behind us entrepreneurs, to inspire other future bright minds of tomorrow, but also to create a spot for entrepreneurs to talk amongst ourselves about the topic. We ended up re-naming it to Entrepreneur unplugged.

The first time I met the other co founder of the blog Disruptive blog Peter Sandberg, it was at 2008 Sime.nu, it was my second Sime and i had decided to continue with my idea for RunAlong.se. I met him with a few friends, an i remember not daring to tell him what the idea was. He told me to start talking about it so that i could polish it faster. Some very good advice, and that i want to keep pushing for, share your ideas faster. Its a good way to test your idea, and not only have the yes sayers tell you it´s fantastic.

Other observations…
Im still struggeling with seeing myself on film, i dont know if its ever going to feel completely comfortable, but its ok, i had an audiance, i got the message across, and the intresting dialogue afterwods was all worth it. IVA thought so to.

Tranfer.nu – Mentorship, meaningful, and you know it!

Transfer.nu is a mentor/adept organisation I was suggested to speak at last week, and it was fantastic.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Transfer.nu is a mentor/adept organisation I was suggested to speak at last week, and it was fantastic. Want to do something that creates fantastic value, get an adept from Transfer.

By supporting transfer, you contribute with your proffesional expertise, either by being a mentor to your adept, and if you want you can also host talks at the schools. As mentor you contribute with your time, and the schools get the talks for free, so this is one way to making the school system better, by practial-real-life stories from proffesionals. Cest tres bien Transfer!

Henriette Webber on gamelayers and Return on Involvment

So GeekGirlMeetup.com is next in Copenhagen, tell me a bit about that?

Hello Henriette, author if the book “Return on involvement“, rock n roll avantgarde queen of social media + thinker of Denmark + filosopher, how are things in Copenhagen?
Well, I am not in CPH right now – Im working from my big black working chair in Helsingør as we speak. Anyway I still have my office in there… Denmark is rolling these days, it’s great =)

So whats up in Denmark?
When I look at it is has taken the business environment here to start to embrace the more social parts of the web – but we are getting there. The geeks are starting to take over =) it’s fantastic on one hand on the other it’s getting to be such a hypefest so everybody down here is becoming a social media consultant or “insert your own hip title here”… A part of me is really happy and fond of it – and a part of me is really worried. The good thing is that I get to do stuff like social media club Copenhagen and Geek girl meetup copenhagen and there’s more than 5 people showing up =) it hasn’t always been like that…

Its not easy being an original :). I really liked you book, Return on Involvement, a nifty take on soulful business, or as you would say, business unusual. Now that everyone is on social media, where are the geeks going? Where are the boundries being pushed?

I can see several different things out there, First of all my hope is that social media is staying around for a while so we can start getting really good at it, and it’s not just having a facebook page or a twitter account and then you are doing it. my ambition for social media is, and has always been, that it can make the world better in the eyes of the beholder, and at the same time make companies cooler and sell more. But we need to get from tool-focused to substance, that’s really important to me. You need to put it in context instead of standing on a stage and showing one casestudy after another. So I think that social media will go deeper. I hope so.

Secondly there’s the location based services that people are expecting a lot from, but it’s still real early days. Services like Gowalla and foursquare that makes me feel nostalgic because it reminds me of good-old Plazes (was bought by Nokia a couple of years ago) which in it’s essence was the same, but you had to define your whereabouts yourself (there was no geo-location thing on the phone back then)…

Then there’s augmented reality that I know a lot of phone producers are looking into. I guess the first real step we’re seeing in the real world is the scan codes everywhere..

…and then, my favorite, the game layer on top of everything… it would be awesome if business would be about gaming=)

but – when everything comes together, there’s also the notion of, that we are just making digital convinient and getting back to basics in 1950s style, just in a digital way, I dig that =)

Haha, yeah, i like your perspective. So we know what happned with lovli Plazes (my best experiance with it was at Dansih Reboot in 2008) it went to Nokia, aka, “where good ideas go to die”. (Quote from the Guardian) How do you think big companies and start-ups can avoid this trap, so to say? What responsability do companies have, and how do you think they work to lead the way?

I think that both Plazes (two of my friends from Berlin) and Jaiku (former client of mine+ friends) where bought for the talent pool and not for the service, You have to look into the motives for the acquisition. I think both Plazes and Jaiku was aware that the services was not going to stay in it’s original format when they where purchased. The Jaiku acquirement by google, was to me as a consultant, priceless, it looks good on a CV. But personally I was so sad that we didn’t stay and became the cooler european alternative to twitter. Everyone I have talked to liked Jaiku best. they where fun to work with and a great team. I think start-ups needs to think about the motives for existing, is it because you want to say something important, or is it because you want to be purchased or funded by a big company ? I think we all have our own personal agenda on this (aka. personal happiness, money, creativity) – but is it adding to, or subtracting from the point you want to make ?
If I had made a startup that had a proposal to be bought up by a bigger company, I would do it if I thought it would make my personal mission on earth easier. I think the only responsability they have is not to let the community down and not ignore people that are passionate about the startup purchased. And then, in some ways, be clear on the motives… so people are not disappointed.

Well thought. The last time we spoke, i sent you video(Seth Priebatsch – The Game Layer on Top of TheWorld), and you thought about it. Do you have a take on how a gaming mind can/could be a solution?

A solution to what problem? I don’t think there’s a problem. I think there’s a huge opportunity However I do see that a game layer could mean a cool addition to a lot of companies. A game is one of the most involving things and one of the places you would spend a lot of time. I’ve researched stuff like farmville and frontierville by Zynga since last time we’ve spoken, and I can see why people are returning, however it’s too fragmented in my mind, you can’t really play and really get into it, because then you have to bug your friends on facebook or purchase coins to get a barn or whatever. I love games that you can completely indulge in – like WoW or Sims 3. then I can be gone for 8 hours and then return to the world. Farmville and Frontierville you have to return several times a day – and if I have to do that I have no time to read perezhilton =)
I think the “game layer” can be added in different means. I am always talking about storyliving, if you can change your communication + your content production so it becomes more fun, I think that’s a game layer. Play/fun is more important to me as a curly creative who digs champagne. thinking out of the box can be a gamelayer. I have a client these days that sells natural stones for terraces. people think im crazy when I tell them that I have taken on a client like that. The reason I said yes, was because the people behind Lithos (coming soon to a garden center near you) was so committed to changing the stone business in Scandinavia that they where willing to look outside the box and play. So how do you play with stones ? Either you let a geek stand and tell you about the different shapes and sizes and why you need natural stones for your terrace, OR you take all the old stones, that can’t be used for anything else and you turn it into a ninja-stone smashing thing.. That’s a game layer to me that works especially well with boys – young and old =) (the first video will be up soon)

Thats a wonderful example, thanks for perspective.

So GeekGirlMeetup.com is next in Copenhagen, tell me a bit about that?

Im so happy because we actually have a got a location now. it took us a while. We are also talking to sponsors. I met up with the fabulous Annika Lidne last time she was in copenhagen and she told me about the geek girl academy. Basically we are going to do three things at geek girl copenhagen (please note it’s my ambition and it might not work out that way – but it’s in the sponsor material as well)
1. the un-conference
2. the academy – technical and business know-how
3. the showroom. where we are talking things like a geekgirl clothes swap, a stylist, an upcycling booth and general hang out and have fun. After doing several bar and social media camps I want to demystify it all a bit so it has a broader perspective, especially in Denmark where geekgirls aren’t “cool” – not like in Sweden… So we are turning it into a celebration of cool. the word of the day is going to be reYOUse.. I’m really excited about it. And Heidi I think you should start seeing it as an income instead of a hobbyproject. Geek girl could totally make you enough money so you could get by, im so sure of that. if you don’t know how – call me =)

Ok, cool. I kind of feel ambivalent on that point, as i want it to be lust and passion driven, the results turn out to be something else than if people are doing it for money, inclusive of myself. But mayeb ai should re think that. Anyway. So the topic will be reYOUse? I think all geekgirls i’ve met in CPH/ Denmark have been radfully cool. I might just have to come down to my darling CPH and hang out with you, when is it? How many days? Free?

It’s on the 6th of november. Oh and all geekgirls I’ve met have been cool as well, there’s just some ladies in Denmark who can’t relate to the world “nørd” or “geek” because they don’t see it as being passionate, but someone who eats pizza and sits in front of the computer all the time. It’s one day, and it will be free, and it’s going to be amazing.

Sounds wonderful! I think we have to wrap up this interview, or it might just turn into a book. Could you give me a take on three people i should interview in the future, and why.

sure thing… I might aim high now, but one of the people I think you should talk to is Danielle Laporte, she so rad. Another person I think you should talk to, is Francesca Birks from Arup (I can connect you) oh and Benja Stig Fagerland up in Norway, Im doing some work with her on rocking a business board (an ebook) it’s going to be rad… maybe we should turn this into a book ? =)

Yes we should, i still have to finish that book you asked me to write at Reboot on User-Driven innovation. Blush!

Thanks you for you time dear Henriette! I hope to speak to you soon. Have a wonderful Autumn!

Ansvaret gentemot sig själv att följa sina drömmar.

av Heidi Harman Sommaren 2010, Biarriz, FRA. Skrivet för @piratforlaget till SSWC Boken (Köp här)

Nästan varje startup börjar med ett svar på något som är ofullständigt, något som kan göras bättre eller något som inte finns. Man finner en lösning på det ofullständiga eller så skapar man något som man själv behöver och vill testa. Har man tur lyckas man tillföra substansiellt värde.

Det krävs att man lyssnar mer till sig själv, och mindre på annat samtidigt som man är uppmärksam på sina behov och undviker bekvämlighetsfällan. Oavsett om det är en egen byrå man vill starta eller en egen startup, så är det viktigt att dividera med sig själv – gör jag detta för mig själv, eller för andra? Vem blir nöjd, vem blir glad, vem blir jag omtyckt av om jag gör detta? Gör jag det för att jag inte kan låta bli, för att jag anser att det saknas något väsentligt i världen? Kan jag låta världen gå vidare utan detta? Stannar tiden när jag jobbar med detta?
“Strategi är att säga nej”, säger Tom Kosnik, PhD på Stanford, på en föreläsning jag deltog i hösten 2009. Han har så rätt, för det är så enkelt att säga ja till allt  – gå på alla happenings, på alla fester, slänga in en feature till i sin tjänst. Men Less är More, och det svåra är att ta bort en feature, välja bort en fest, säga nej till ett välbetalt jobb, trotsa sin omgivning när man säger upp sig under lågkonkan. “Du ska väl inte säga nej till ett välbetalt jobb?” frågar en del, men det beror ju på vad man försakar förstås. Vad är din dröm värd? Vågar du sätta en prislapp på att inte genomföra den? Kommer pengarna du tjänar när du inte genomför din dröm att vara värda lika mycket? Det du ger uppmärksamhet växer, och det är då du vet svaret på *37 Signals eminenta fråga: “Do you want it bad enough?”.
Konsten är att finna sin stil i vardagen. Vi finner andras uttrampade stil varje dag, på folks Twitter, Facebookprofiler, på deras bloggar, men främst genom deras verk, deras världsförbättrande livsdrömmar som de valt att aktivt förverkliga. Verken de lät bli att gå ut för, verken de slutade att kolla på tv för och nyttjade timmarna till att programmera. Det finns inga ursäkter att skjuta på sina drömmar. Så länge du är frisk, så kan du alltid börja skriva en novell innan du börjar skriva en bok, bara för att det är så kul att du inte kan låta bli.
Jag hade en föreläsare** som sa, att vi satt på hennes föreläsning och dog. Vid föreläsningens slut skulle vi vara 3 timmar närmare döden. Det må låta morbid, sa hon, men hon uppmanade oss att om vi hade något viktigare för oss de närmaste 3 timmarna skulle vi gå och göra det. Alla stannade kvar. Tillsammans med henne tog vi på oss möjlighetsglasögonen och börja tänkte på vad i livet som är värt att dö för, för att vi i praktiken skulle spendera stora delar av vårt liv med att jobba antingen för våra drömmar eller för andras. Varför inte välja det som vi tyckte var absolut viktigast och mest meningsfullt?
Give your brain as much attention as you do your hair and you will be a thousand times better off” (Malcolm X)
På Kaospiloternas 3:e våning, i hallutrymmet innan man klättrar upp på taket, sitter citatet, vilket alltid påminner mig om att det inte finns några ursäkter. Det handlar om att välja att stanna hemma de där nätterna istället för att gå ut, en dag av helgen eller kanske varannan helg? Man tar eget ansvar för genomförandet av sina drömmar. Antingen sitter man på stranden och tittar på medan de andra surfar eller så nöter man våg efter våg tills man tar sin första sweetaste våg, för att sedan avancera.
Varsågod, testa att göra det du drömmer om, det är tvekandet som dödar dig.
*Ett kapitel i boken ReWork, uppföljaren på Getting Real).

** Kaospiloterna.