Heidi Harman works as a board member professional, tech advisor and UX researcher. Previously, she founded the longest-standing female tech network in Sweden, GeekGirl Meetup, a network for women in STEM, code, design and startups, which has had chapters in 17 countries. Ms. Harman has been awarded as an “Innovative and Trailblazing Role Model of the Decade” by Women’s Economic Forum, and has been a speaker in several events, such as the Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education, General Assembly London, Spotify and TEDxYouth.

Keynote topics

  1. Robotics for children.
  2. The ABC of API’s – monetising with API’s.
  3. UX research as a competitive advantage


  1. Robotics for children
  2. Prototyping for diversity
  3. End-to-end UX research and prototyping from an explorative state to qual and quant data

The ABC of Api’s and monetisation

We explore the field between technology and business in the modern World of API’s. A course for executive in the digital economy, whether you are going through a digital transformation or building new services. API’s (application programming interfaces) – the most prominent bread and butter of digital businesses today and the carrier of these times gold – data.

Participants learn

  • What API’s are, what they are, when and when not to use them.
  • When to use them and how to build a strategy for monetization using API’s.
  • Understand when to build your own or use other services API’s.

Diversity data in tech hiring

Based on research and experience Heidi explained diversity and inclusion in plain English (or Swedish) and get in to the grit of measuring and to apply structure and maintain progress. 

Participants learn

  • Understanding what diversity and inclusion means, how the science of it works and affects our daily work and business.
  • How to go from diversity benefits to inclusion benefits.
  • Optional workshop: let’s look at focus points to set a diversity and inclusion strategy for your company.

UX Research as a competitive advantage

User-driven innovation & UX research [Talk and workshop]

Based on Research based  UDI (User driven innovation) Heidi helps engineering departments, product managers and business units in tech and finance companies to work on the competitive advantages of prototyping, working close to the user with a range of methods the company later can incorporate into their daily practice.

A tailored talk depending on needs:

  • What is UX research and how can it lead to growth
  • The in’s and outs of Qualitative vs Quantitative research,
  • How to advance with user-involvement and co-creational methods

Dancing robots for children workshop

With robotics as a means for building kids self-confidence, Heidi teaches kids how to build dancing robots. Together we create, program and build robotic creatures and top it of with a dance-off for the robots!

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The workshop began with 8-15 year olds at the KTH Tekla event in 2016 and 2017 held by GeekGirlMeetup, and continues the tradition with KTH collaboration with Music Tech Fest during 2018.