Let the best app win! #holidayhack

This weekend I helped organize the GivingLabs #holidayHack aiming to create new ways of giving to charities. I threw in an idea I had had, a SheVember.org that a participant developer picked up due to its simplicity (something we value highly at hackathons – the art of MVP) and built it. SheVember was the first to launch the app, how ever as the organiser i stepped back and take no part in the prize, right has got to be right, the developer i met there get all prizes.
We awarded another team first prize, due to its creative height, and execution, TweetBribe, took the first prize with a launched app that has already had transactions made by the GivingLabs API. Read more about the launched and participating projects here.

“Bribe your friends to send a tweet your write (naughty or nice) by offering a £1 donation to charity. If they accept you need to settle up and donate.”

– TweetBribe