Life in a day

Ridley Scott and Kevin MacDonald are putting together a film, that will be co-created, and you can participate by sharing your day. Grab a video camera, and answer theese questions to participate, more info on their site.

Many crowdsourced film projects have been done before such as Star Wreck, Iron Sky, ThePactProject (in making) and this would fit under co-created. The project has well illustrated their thought through a series of inspirational film on Youtube, and its really easy to do it so, as Ridley Scott says, there are no excuses, just do it.

Fotage of you the 24th of July 2010, whatever you are doing.

1. Tell us about you fear.
2. What do you love?
3. What makes you laugh?
4. Show us whats in your pocket. (oh i love this one)

Ok, lets all #-tag this #lifeina day.