SSWC Social Swedish Web camp 2 – 2010

Jaiku - the host(ess)

Social Swedish Webcamp is held yearly at Tjärö, an island outside Karlshamn i Sweden, where 404 (!) participants gathered this year to talk about the future of the internet, how we can use it as a tool to create a better society. Here are a few clips, rants and raves from an epic weekend that i have been a part of for the second time around. What I love about it most its like an eco system of its own, talks and camping, never has the startup and tech/media elite been so domestically downsized – and we liked it.

My highlights included:

  • Good company sporting the islands highest cliff: Johan Ronnestam, Tobias Brasilius, and Mattias Östmar. Thanks for the edit @martinkallstrom.
  • @skjutsgruppen who was kind enough to lend me his bike one day earlier in Örebro, i dont think i would have made it to the train to the island otherwise.
  • @piratforlaget created the book, thank you Mathias, for asking me to participtae in it. The SSWC 2010 book, buy it here, or read my chapter in the book here.
  • Also rediscovering that both @KimTaro and @Maria_s worked with with TSIS, tokyo style Stockholm, back in the days, konichiwa!
  • Tenting with @antrop and @mariarichardsson #domesticdonsize #domestic upgrade.
  • Meaningful talks with @kinnajohansson, @annaoscarsson, @paulamarttila@inselhai @davidbismark and @hanneskirgård about what’s worth it – and whats not.
  • Having the @binero Erik Arnberg marketing director serve me coffe in the morning to guarantee their uptime. Copy-kitch or genious, probably the later, and the coffe got me UP.
  • Coding, unfinished thoughts, rants and raves with @KimTaro @detNya, @jakob and @chronix.
  • A standing ovation and kudos for making this happen again to the founders Kristin Heionen and Tomas Wennströms, and their dog Jaiku + everyonewho helped out.
  • I missed #mrkrax
  • This is an uncomplete list, there are a few more things that fit in here.

If i was to complete my wishlist for next year, it goes like this:

  • more detalied tech talks, preferably on Ruby on Rails or Sinatra.
  • A two day conf (i think we can agree on that to squeese out as much time for valuble thought, talks and sessions)
  • Al respect to the grid. It has its beauty, but when you reach over 300 people, a need for overview steps in. I suggest people sending in talks in advance, and then being ablt to show intrest for talks. This way also enables people to discower that if two peopl are talking about A, maybe one of then can go for thet slim and niched talk B, instead of using up airtime, giving another A talk. Check out Reboot for another way of doing it, solution in drupal. At we have used this way of working, with out the “showing intrest” talk, where @mariasoderberg has had the guidning role of handling contributions to the scheme and grid, guidning poeple with their talks and putting together a wonderful program.