Nominate a Swedish Entrepreneur

Nya Affärer, the Magazine i write/blog for (translates to New Business in English) is promting entrepreneurship, by embracing inspiring entrepreneurs that have built their companies in an innvating way. Nya Affärer also want to premier venture capitalists an politicians that have contributed to making life easier for entrepreneurs.

Nominate your favourite entrepreneur at by October 7th

The prize is awards in four categories:

1. The entrepreneur of the year – prize, who has built a company in an innovatiove way.

2. The New Business prize, to a young entrepreneur under 30 that has built a successful company in an innovative way. The important thing is not that your business is making a lot of money but proven that your idea works.

3. The politician or governmental prize, to the employee that has done something out of the ordinary to embrace entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs.

4. The Venture Capitalist – prize, to the venture capitalist that has done similar work for entrepreneurs.