Heidi is the CEO and co-founder if Included Works – Shaping a future with increased diversity and inclusiveness through crowdsourced recruitment and formally rewarded job-recommendations at www.included.works.

With a BA in Creative Business Design from the Kaospilots in Denmark and over ten years in the Stockholm, London and San Franciscan creative environment with both commercial-, and government web projects and start up ventures before starting her own companies.


Startups and organizations

Together with Andie Nordgren Heidi co-funded GeekGirlMeetUp.com, a conference about web, code and start-up that aims to lift female role-models with in the tech and startup industry in Sweden. Today Geekgirlmeetup operates in 17 countries and 27 cities around the world and has a an NGO in the US.

Heidi Harman started her career as a technical project manager and interaction design and strategic planner at Bleed, Bazooka and SSE Exec education.

Founded RunAlong.se (2008-2011), was owner at Scrive electronic signatures (2011) co-founded of GeekGirlMeetup.com (2008-current), later Director of UX Researcher at Lookback.io in San Francisco (2014-2016). Currently Heidi resides in Sweden working on her new startup Included.works, a crowdsourced tech hiring startup with focus on transparent diversity data.


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